Friday, January 20, 2006


Publius Pundit:
If you’re already going to rest for the weekend, think again: there’re some op/eds you might want to read and I thought I had to post them here.
Michael Ledeen wrote an interesting piece in the National Review urging the Bush administration to do the right thing with respect to Iran.
Below are some excerpts :
You want to bomb the nuclear facilities? Do you really believe that our intelligence community is capable of identifying them? The same crowd that did all that yeoman work on Saddam’s Iraq? The CIA that once received accurate information on Iranian schemes in Afghanistan, only to walk away from the sources that provided it? The CIA that, three times in the past 15 years or so, seems to have had its entire “network” inside Iran rolled up by the mullahs? And even if you believe that we have good information about the nuclear sites, are you prepared to deal with the political consequences, in Iran and throughout the region? Do we even know, with any degree of reliability, what those are? Look at the problems we now face in Pakistan, after a handful of innocents were killed in an assault against a presumed terrorist gathering. Then imagine, if you can, the problems following hundreds, or thousands of innocents killed in raids inside Iran. Are you prepared for that? […]
it seems self-evident that it would be even more urgent to support revolution in a nuclear Iran than earlier, doesn’t it? So why not start now? The Iranian people may be ready. We won’t know until we try.
I’ve to say that I disagree with the following statement:
Sanctions, even if you accept the fantasy that the West en bloc accepts them and enforces them, would do more harm than good
In my opinion, sanctions would further isolate the Mullahs’ regime , even though this is not enough.
John A. Ross of American Daily suggests ways to counter attack the Islamic Republic’s fascism, by supporting genuine opposition groups.
Well within international decorum, the U.S. does not have diplomatic relations with Iran and can, therefore, legally align, or recognize any representative organization within Iran or in exile. The recent formation of the Iranian National Secular Party (INSP) in exile is a natural place for the U.S. Government to start the process of regime change in Iran. Enjoying unparalleled support from Iranians in Iran and around the world, the Iranian National Secular Party (INSP) is postured perfectly to translate the Iranian people’s desire to acquire the levers of power in Tehran.
J. Grant Swank Jr, Mich News, also proposes to work with Iranian opposition groups.
On Iranian political forums, Nobel Prize Winner Shirin Ebadi is criticized for her almost pro-regime tones and for urging the Bush administration not to support the pro-democracy groups in the exile. Read the posts in the forums of Marze Por Gohar and Activist Chat.
I agree with the posts.
Well, it’s all for today. In case there’s some important news, I’ll return and update.


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