Thursday, December 15, 2005

Denounce Islamic Regime's "Minister of Murder" Visit of Greece

Dear Iranians, Dear World Freedom Lovers,
"Mustafa Poor-Mohamadi", Ahmanadinejad's Ministry of Interior, is going to participate in an "International Conference on Immigration" in the Greek City of Athens on the dates of December 15th & 16th.
Poor-Mohamadi is known for his key role in the execution and murder of thousands of Iranians inside and outside of Iran.
As the official representative of the Islamic Ministry of Intelligence, Poor-Mohamadi was one of the three decision makers in the wave of the 1988 political executions; And also, the coordinator of murders of tens of Iranian dissidents in major European countries, such as, France, Germany and United Kingdom.
The Human Rights Watch (HRW) qualifies him very correctly as a "Minister of Murder" and subject to investigation and arrest on the basis of "Crimes against Humanity".
Such unprecedented declaration has been made, by HRW, in a statement and detailed report dated December 14, 2005:
More than ever, it's the duty of anyone to protest against the presence of Poor-Mohamadi in a western country, such as, Greece and as a representative of the Iranian People.
Iranians are correctly believing that Poor-Mohamadi's place should be more in a Nuremberg style Justice Court rather than an International Conference on Immigration. His Nazi-Islamist regime has been a major source of Iranians' exodus rather than any positive contribution to Iranians or to the mankind.
I) Please contact the HRW and ask its officials to pursue Poor-Mohamadi for "Crimes against Humanity", as they did in the case of the Chilean Augusto Pinochet or very recently in the case of the Chadian Hassan Habre. Express your gratitude to Joe Stork and his entire group for their unprecedented statement dated December 14th.
1) HRW in New York/USA:
Fax: +1 (212) 736-1300
2) HRW in London/UK:
Fax: +44 (207) 713-1800
3) HRW in Geneva/Switzerland:
Fax: +41 (22) 738-1791
Don't forget to contact all the three above referenced offices due to the different time zones and the possibilities to act more quickly.
Coincidently, Poor-Mohamadi took the plane to Athens at the very same time that HRW issued its unprecedented report.
II) Contact HE Vassilios Skouris who's the President of the European Court of Justice, in Luxembourg, and ask the immediate arrest of Poor-Mohamadi for "Crimes against Humanity".
Fax: +352 4303-2600
III) Contact HE Anastasis P. Papaligouras, the Greek Ministry of Justice and ask the immediate arrest of Poor-Mohamadi.
Fax: +30 (210) 363-3222
Tel: +30 (210) 362-8440
Remember, Millions of oppressed Iranians are awaiting your responsible and prompt action!!!
Families of thousands of Poor-Mohamadi's victims have only you to express their outcry!!!
The World will live better when Nazi-Islamists like Poor-Mohamadi will face trial for murder, terror and tyranny!!!
With deepest gratitude,
The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI)


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