Thursday, January 19, 2006

Counter Attacking Iran’s Fascism

The American Daily:
By John A. Ross (01/19/06) It apparently took the outrageous verbal rants of the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, to get Europe and America to come to the realization that Iran’s Mullahs represent a dangerous threat. Advocating “wiping Israel off the map” and promoting the concept that the “holocaust” is a myth created by the West to justify Israel’s statehood in the Middle East are Ahmadi-Nejad’s war cry. Threatening Israel’s very existence and overtly pursuing an atomic fuel-cycle capability that probably will place weapons of mass destruction under their control must rightly terrify anyone with a brain. Designed to coerce the U.S. and Europe to counterattack in some way that will be used to rally the Arab world around Iran, Tehran’s non-Arab Mullahs are playing all their cards to stay in power. Astutely aware the U.S. and Europe have taken their bait, Iran’s manipulating Mullahs have recently directed their supporters to project a national image of social tranquility around the world. The real situation in Iran is diametrically opposite to the false image the Mullahs are trying to project through their minions to the world, and it is nothing more than a manipulative ploy. Saddled with the fact that less that 15% of Iranians voted in last year’s presidential election and there are violent demonstrations against the regime almost every week, Iran’s Mullahs are bluffing. Requiring some of the intestinal fortitude America’s military and coalition partners have demonstrated in Iraq, resolution to the current Iranian threat can be easily resolved. Supporting Iranian regime change advocates with resources and imposing a 55-MPH restriction, similar to the 1973 response to the Arab embargo, will quickly rearrange the world’s priorities. For starters, China and India’s energy concerns will suddenly disappear, Russia and the Arabs will have a glut of oil they can’t sell and will do anything to get rid of Iran’s Mullahs causing them to lose profits. Deprived of reactionary Arab cover at their side, Iran’s fascist Mullahs would then try to blockade the Hormuz Strait using terrorists organizations they support and missiles purchased from China. Attempting to blockade the Hormuz Strait would bring the full force of the American military on the Iranians and, in all likelihood, a complete blockade of all Iranian ports and severing all pipe lines in and out of Iran. Precision bombing of hidden nuclear sites throughout Iran would ensue and the Mullah’s would be left to deal with the Iranian people they have systematically brutalized for the last 26 years. Well within international decorum, the U.S. does not have diplomatic relations with Iran and can, therefore, legally align, or recognize any representative organization within Iran or in exile. The recent formation of the Iranian National Secular Party (INSP) in exile is a natural place for the U.S. Government to start the process of regime change in Iran. Enjoying unparalleled support from Iranians in Iran and around the world, the Iranian National Secular Party (INSP) is postured perfectly to translate the Iranian people’s desire to acquire the levers of power in Tehran. It is a foregone fact that Iran’s Mullahs are the primary sponsors of terrorism around the world, proven to be complicit in the 9/11 atrocity, seek weapons of mass destruction and commit brutal human rights offenses against the Iranian people. As such, the Mullahs must return to their Mosques, or the Iranian people must be helped in dealing with them in their own way.


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