Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Students slam repressive rule in Iran

December 13, 2005 Hundreds of students gathered, today, in Iranian universities, such as the Tehran College of Technology, in order to protest against the repressive rule in Iran. Slogans in favor of Freedom, Equality of Genders, Abolition of Political Offenses, Democracy and condemning the Theocratic rule were shouted by students. Many were carrying placards stating the same aspirations. Security forces were in number around the university and were blocking supporters to reach the students who behind closed doors were pictured and filmed by members of Herrasat (Intelligence) . Minor clashes happened between students and brutal Bassij paramilitary 'students' who tried to attack several female demonstrators. While some members of the docile and regime tolerated "Office of Consolidation Unity" (OCU) tried to highjack the protest gathering for their own purpose of promoting some so-called 'redempted' Islamist elements, the trend of the today's actions were showing a sharp radicalization of the students and the net _expression of secularist trend. It's to note that some former brutal Islamists have 'converted' in Democrat and even Secularist in order to surf on the popular aspirations and to benefit of a same scenario that played in Russia. Former KGB and Soviet Union leaders become suddenly democrats, under the applause of the World Community, in order to save looted interests. Some OCU elements have recently moved to the US and are being promoted by some American Think Tank institutions or ideologist journalists who are in a desperate quest for a kind of "Iran Solution" from a simple opportunistic point of view.


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