Saturday, December 10, 2005

Students mark the "International Human Rights Day"

SMCCDI: Dec 10, 2005 Hundreds of students marked the "International Human Rights Day" by making gatherings in several Iranian universities, especially, in the Capital.
The demonstrators staged protest actions under the heavy surveillance, made by the elements of the Harassat (Administrative Intelligence) and the brutal Bassiji students which have been placed in Iranian universities for a better control of dissidents.
Slogans for the respect of Human Rights, Freedom of Tought, Democracy, and condemning the Theocracy and repression were shouted by students despite the official injunctions made by the universities' managements. Many students placed stickers on their mouths with written slogans.
Security forces were in number in front of the universities in order to contain the demonstrations inside the campuses.
Pictures and films were taken from demonstrators for their later formal identification.


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