Sunday, November 06, 2005

Iran’s military says ready to counter U.S. assault

Iran Focus:

Tehran, Iran, Nov. 05 – A senior Iranian military commander said on Saturday that the Islamic Republic had mobilised its army and taken the necessary steps to be able to stand up to threats posed by the United States.

Deputy commander of the Ground Forces of the Iranian army, Brigadier General Seyyed Nasser Hosseini, in a trip to the southern city of Shiraz, said, “America’s threats in the region and on our borders are serious. We have comprehensive and serious plans to stand up to these threats”.

“America is a threat to the people of the region. Its presence in this region and in our neighbouring countries is causing havoc”, Hosseini said.

“We are completely ready to face these threats”, the army commander said, adding that threats by the U.S. had always existed and Tehran had to be aware and serious in facing them.

“With the changes that have been made in the equipment in the army, it is militarily suited for withstanding U.S. threats. Theoretical and field training, as well as manoeuvres in battle have been increased in this regard”, he added.


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