Sunday, November 06, 2005

Iran, Iraq review expansion of bilateral relations

Iran Mania:

LONDON, November 6 (IranMania) - Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi conferred with Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs Manouchehr Mottaki on issues of mutual interests, IRNA reported.

At the meeting, Mottaki highlighted the recent developments in Iraq specially after the recent referendum on constitution as well as expansion of mutual cooperation between the two countries.

According to the Information and Press Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the meeting, Mottaki said that Tehran favors the Iraqi people administering their own affairs and believes that this should be materialized as soon as possible.

The massive turnout of Iraqi people for referendum constitution is a good indication of public determination in Iraq enabling them to play a greater role in determining their fate and expressed the hope that the goal would be achieved through constructive and collective cooperation of the countries in the region.

Referring to the trend of self-belief among Islamic nations in the past three decades, he said the Americans have no alternative but to yield to the demands of Iraqi nation and foreign forces should withdraw their troops from the country.

The Islamic Republic of Iran calls for safeguarding Iraq's integrity, success and might of Iraqi nation and is determined to further broaden good relations with neighboring countries.

It is very important for Iraq's neighbors to discuss and negotiate to materialize this goal, he said.

Referring to next month's general elections in Iraq, he expressed hope that the Iraqi nation will actively turn out in the elections and exercise vigilance at this sensitive juncture in a bid to witness formation of a consolidated Iraqi government.

Ahmed Chalabi, for his part, said that Iraq has put expansion of ties with Iran on top of the agenda and said, "We are willing to maintain such friendly ties with Iran and to bolster it further.

"We contend that the Islamic Republic of Iran plays a very constructive and positive role in formation of Iraqi government." At the meeting, the Iraqi envoy highlighted the performance of Iraqi government with the formation of provisional government in the country.


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