Sunday, October 30, 2005

Israel is a rock - Italian Newspaper to rally against Islamic Regime

Il Foglio:

The Islamic Republic in Iran wants to wipe it off the map. We say NO

We love Iran, its history, culture, traditions, religions, heritage; its people and youth, their democratic ferment and aspirations, which are part of what the absolute majority of its population wants.

We don't like the theocratic regime that rules it since 1979. We don't like its support for international terrorism, its anti-american and anti-western violence. Its nuclear program scares us all. Profetic fanatism makes things worse.

We have heard Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the leader of a theocratic absolute dictatorship, stating that he and its mullahs and ayatollahs regime doesn't want to change the policies of Ariel Sharon, nor it wants to negotiate. All it (the regime) wants to do is to wipe Israel off the map - that is , off the earth. We must say clearly and strongly NO.

In a big European capital like Rome, in a country that had signed into law the infamous anti-jewish racial laws; in a city where many don't take the anti-semitic threat seriously; a city that has started an inter-religious dialogue based on secularism and respect of Israel and its people,we must make our NO heard.

And it'll be heard in Rome, on November 3, in front of the Islamic Republic's embassy. We'll express our solidarity to the Iranian people, condemn the regime's violence and defend Israel's right to exist and live in peace with all the Middle Eastern countries.


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