Saturday, October 29, 2005

Iranians boycott anti-Jewish rally

Marze Por Gohar:

October 28, 2005


Cox and Forkum

Millions of Iranians boycotted, today, the yearly "Qhods (Jerusalem) Day" rally which is organized by the Islamic republic regime in order to wage hate against Israel and the Jewish people.

This Islamist-racist action was initiated by Rooh-OllahKhomeini, the founder of the theocratic regime, in 1979. He made of the destruction of Israel one of the pillar of his backwarded creation.

This year's rally should have been the most important ever, as the new Islamic President has started to openly request the wiping off the map of the State of Israel. But more than ever, Iranians stayed home or used their Friday in order to go out of cities and turn their backs to the unpopular Islamic regime and its new symbol of power.

In the Greater Tehran, which has an estimated thirteen millions of inhabitants, just a crowd estimated between fifty thousand to eighty thousand, what was the Islamic regime was able to bring for its show of hate and force. Professional demonstrators benefiting of welfare or forced to participate, wives of hard-line Islamist elements, school students and members of Bassij para-military force and Guardians of Revolution were the bulk of the demonstrators.

Several thousands of Pakistanis, Afghanis or Iraqis who are living in Iran, were also brought to the demonstration from other cities in order to inflate the size of the Capital's rally.

In provincial cities the trend was the same and showed the popular rejection of the Islamic regime and its ideology.

It's to note that an absolute majority of Iranians are known for their friendship toward the Jews and an important Jewish community was residing, from twenty six centuries ago and till the advent of the Islamic regime, in Iran. Several Israeli officials and high military commanders, such as President Moshe Katsav (Kassav) are natives ofIran; And Katsav - who's fluent in Persian - addresses often the Iranians via the Persian service of Radio Israel.

The Jewish People were freed from the oppressive Babylonian rule by Cyrus the Great who was the founder of Iran.


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