Saturday, October 29, 2005

Handing the Ayatollahs Ammunition

American Daily:

By John Ross (10/19/05)

Virtuoso masters at creating and manipulating conflict, the Iranian Mullahs may be handed, to the horror of most Iranians, another opportunity to self-righteously declare that they must wield power. Attempting to motivate the Bush Administration to articulate and implement a much- needed Iranian foreign policy, the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) may also be doing the world a disservice. Specifically, assembling divergent Iranian minority ethnicities and excluding the Persian fifty-one percent is either promoting divisiveness, or a very clever plan to motivate and organize all Iranians.

Espousing recently that he had “sworn an oath not to get involved in Diaspora politics,” and “it’s their problem,” Dr. Ledeen has, apparently, concluded to also try his hand at conflict management. As such, it is certainly not beyond Dr. Ledeen’s intellect to conclude that Iranian Persians are so fragmented and coerced by the theological dictators in Tehran that he must try to motivate them. Leading this writer, therefore, to conclude that in spite of his recent ruminations to wash his hands of the Iranian Diaspora, he is, apparently, trying to form an Iranian freedom movement in absentia.

Ammunition in the form of propaganda material and a platform for an outspoken radical separatist, Rahim M. Shahbazi, will need to be managed very carefully by Dr. Ledeen; otherwise, his efforts will be subverted. Aware of this probability, the Persian Diaspora around the world are being agitated to petition Dr. Ledeen to reconsider his risky move to forge a block of Iranian minorities into an influential political force. Overtly missing, so far, in this new can of worms that Dr. Ledeen has spilled out on the international stage are the manipulative Mullahs’ agents that inevitably materialize to sabotage all perceived threats.

Haunting the Islamic Iranian fascist regime’s rotten core more than Dr Ledeen are the Americans, coalition forces and Iraqis that are eliminating every killer the Iranians and Syrians throw at them. Faced with defeat on the Iraqi battlefield and for the hearts of the Iraqis and Iranians, the despotic Mullahs in Tehran have their backs against a wall with only the weakened liberal media and press to help them. Exposed and facing an international swing away from socialism that is called liberalism, the mainstream media and press can now offer little to keep the brutal Iranian Mullahs in power.

The Iranian people smell blood in the water and are constantly demonstrating against the despotic Mullahs’ brutal tactics and obvious greed. Promised a national referendum similar to the Iraqi constitutional vote that has been deemed a success and nearly violence free, the Iranian Mullahs are sitting on a powder keg. Faced with the probability that the Iranian people will continue to ratchet up their demonstrations against the regime and the U.S. and Europe, in spite of their historic duplicitous actions, will confront the Mullahs, realistic choices are few.

Left, realistically, with only two options the Mullahs had better arrange to spirit their ill be gotten money out of Iran, like Ali Hashemi Rafsanjani, or plan on returning to their Mosques. Either decision will be less than palatable to the high-rolling Mullahs that manipulate and exploit everything of value and everyone that believes their deceit and fears the brutal forces under their command.

Faster Dr. Ledeen… Faster


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