Sunday, May 14, 2006

US gives up asylum seeker to Islamic regime


May 14, 2006, 00:05

Un-confirmed reports are stating about the role of the US Government in the forced return of an Iranian asylum seeker to the Islamic regime. Majid Kavoosi, was handed by the US Embassy, in UAE, to the Interpol which handed him, in its turn, to the Islamic republic regime.

According to the same sources, Kavoosi had handed several secret files to the US Embassy based on promises of granting him asylum.

The latter risks the death sentence for his role in the murder of a notorious repressive Islamist judge who was known for having ordered the executions of tens of freedom fighters. In addition, Kavoosi was part of a guerilla group which was seeking the overthrow of the Islamic regime and which was involved in several attacks against the regime's symbols of political and financial power.

An increasing number of exasperated Iranians are resorting to the use of violent actions in response to the Islamic regime use of bullets or issuance of harsh sentences against any kind of real democratic movement or genuine peaceful uprising,

It seems that Kavoosi, as like as many opponents to the Islamic regime, had literally trusted this message of President Bush stating that "the day that the Iranian People chose to stand up, they won't have a better ally than the US!"

The hand over of Kavoosi coincides with rumors stating about some 'non-official' visits, of Iran, made by Americans close to the Pentagon and the State Department. If confirmed, such news would be an additional blow to the trust that many Iranians have placed in the American Administration and its claim of intending to promote Human Rights and Democracy in the region.

Already, other rumors are circulating among the Iranian opposition on the existence of a kind of "Iran Opposition Black List" and the influence exerted by some WDC based think tank circles, on part of the American media, US legislators and the State Department, in order to boycott genuine Iranian secularist opposition groups or to avoid granting them of any kind of financial support. Concerted efforts have been undertaken, in that line, in order to promote and finance docile Iranian individuals or groups which are ready to follow any kind of instruction.


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