Sunday, May 14, 2006

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It’s with great sorrow that I learn that the U.S. gov’t caved in to the Mullahs.

SMCCDI, a secular , democratic and anti-islamist movement committed to regime change in Iran reports some worrying news.

Many Iranian oppositionists had used to support President Bush and now the U.S. gov’t sells its soul to the Islamic regime and announces it won’t grant funds to the Iranian oppositions.

If Bush’s popularity has reached a new low, it is not because of being a “warmongering” administration, as some naive pundits claim. No. It’s because it has caved in to the terrorists and the terrorist regimes.

It has decided to stay on the side of Europe and the U.N.

It has decided to be multilateralist. The President has no longer the guts he had in his first term. In spite of his anti-terror rethoric, he is doing a Clinton. It reminds me of when Clinton had shamefully repatriated the Cuban boy Elian back to Castro’s Cuba.

The past seems to repeat itself, when the U.S. betrayed those seeking freedom and stood with tyrannical regimes.

Let’s hope we will not hear the usual people wondering “why don’t the Iranians overthrow their regime by themselves?”.

Europe has no intention to support the dissidents. And now the U.S. seems to think the same. How could one think that the Iranians would overthrow the regime without a minimal moral and economic support?

Without any doubt, this is a big blow to the Iranian oppositions.

Now one should hope that the Islamic regime refrain from using its atomic bomb against Israel and the West.

But, given the European and American attitude and behavior, not only will the Mullahs stay more time in power, but they will have the time to use their deadly arsenal.

From SMCCDI: US gives up asylum seeker to Islamic regime.

Read the whole thing.

P.S. : I wish this post will not be used by the America-haters for their own purposes.


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