Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tens injured for March 8th celebration in Tehran


Islamic regime's security forces and plainclothes agents attacked, today, a peaceful gathering of Iranian women and their supporters at the Laleh park of Tehran. The gathering was to mark the celebration of the "International Women Day".

Several female demonstrators and a well known poet, Simin Behbahani, were injured due to the brutality used by Islamist Militiamen using clubs and chains. Several demonstrators were seen laying on the ground with broken noses, hands or legs while other were screaming and/or shouting slogans against the theocratic regime.

Several maverick female protesters took off their mandatory veils in sign of an exasperated protest and despite knowing the consequences of such a defiance. Tens of male supporters were seen transferred to buses after having been beaten. The Islamic regime has made of the Gender Apartheid one of the main pillars of its backwarded rule, and accordingly to Islam, considers women as half of men.

Women's are banned from accessing many jobs, studies or events and they do not benefit of equal rights.


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