Monday, March 06, 2006

Iranian women protest against Gender Apartheid policy


Tens of Iranian women protested against Islamic regime's Gender Apartheid policy, at the "Azadi" ('Freedom') indoor stadium of Tehran, by shouting slogans for equality and in condemnation of their rights' abuses.

The protest took place following the brutality used by Islamic militiamen and plainclothes agents who were sent to remove the female spectators that were attending the 2006 Gymnastics World Cup tournament.

Iranian women are banned from attending games involving males while the Islamic regime grants access to females of other countries in order to back its international relations.

Tens of Iranian women have been wounded, in the last few years, for having denounced the Gender Apartheid policy which has been instated since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Hundreds of Iranian womens are expected to protest at the Laleh Park of Tehran, on March 8th, at the occasion of the International Women Day. Most underground Students' groups and the banned independent Tehran Collective Buses' Drivers and Workers Union have issued statements in their support.

The former Empress, Farah Pahlavi-Diba, has also issued a statement in support of the Iranian women at the occasion of this special day.


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