Sunday, February 12, 2006

Uzbakestan Zoroastrians at Gatha Class

Free Pars News
The Uzbekistan Zoroastrian Anjuman has been officially registered with a membership of 7,000 Zoroastrians. The President of the Uzbekistan Zoroastrian Anjuman has officially announced the inauguration of this Anjuman with a Membership of 7,000 Zoroastrians. The Amordad Newspaper with reference to the internet site of this Anjuman has reported that Mr. Rostam Abido Komiolof the President of this Anjuman has announced that 400 members of this Anjuman are students who know to read, write and speak the Avestan Language. The Majority of the Uzbek Zoroastrians medium of instruction is Russian & Tajik version of Persian. Mr. Rostam Abido Komiolof is hopeful that the Zoroastrians of Uzbekistan will pursue the Avestan Language and one day makes it the medium of instruction in Uzbekistan . One of the Zoroastrian Student Member of this Anjuman by the name of Ms. Anna Chankui is a first class student of the Avestan Language & Mathematics in her school. Another Zoroastrian Student Member of this Anjuman is the best student of the Avestan Language and also a first prize winner in the Uzbek language Olympiad. Mr. Rostam Abido Komiolof also said that Uzbekistan has the Zoroastrian cultural roots since thousands of years and this culture is alive and active till to date. He said that after the Arab invasion of ancient Iran which included Uzbekistan , Islam was forced upon the people of Uzbekistan for 4 times. The people of Uzbekistan resisted the imposed religion of Islam and have kept these Zoroastrian cultural roots alive in them. Famous Mathematicians, Astronomers & Physicians like Kharazmi, Birooni & others have safeguarded the Zoroastrian Principles and based on these principles have made important inventions and discoveries. Famous poets like Roodaki, Daghighi & Ferdowsi have based their poems on the Bright Vision of Asho Zarathushtra. He further stated that the people of Uzbekistan basically have great faith in the Zoroastrian Religion and they have their firm love & devotion in this religion. The Festival of Norooz & Sadeh is the two very important official festivals of the people of Uzbekistan . During these Festivals people visit the ancient Fire Temples and offer their Avestan prayers. Now Norooz has been officially declared as an important National Holiday. In Uzbekistan ’s capital city of Tashkent reading of the Shahnameh has gained importance among the people. The Avestan Gathas and Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh have been translated in the Uzbek, Russian & Tajik version of Persian languages. Mr. Rostam Abido Komiolof is the professor of Avesta & Avestan language in the Institute of Eastern Research and also an Avestan Scholar in the Uzbekistan Science Academy . He has spoken about the teachings of Zarathushtra & Avesta on a number of occasions on Uzbekistan ’s national television & radio network and has gained the attention of the people of Uzbekistan . He has written a number of articles on the teachings of Zarathushtra & Avesta in various publications of Uzbekistan . He has also published an Avestan Dictionary. A number of seminars pertaining to Zarathushtra’s teachings, the Gathas and the Avesta have been organized by him in Uzbekistan . The Ministry of Education of Uzbekistan has chalked out a plan for teaching 6 Million Uzbek students the Avestan Culture and for this purpose it will recruit 800,000 teachers to implement this project. Quelle:


At 3:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an iranian zorastrian. I am very happy to know that this great religeon of wisdom is still alive in other countries.

At 6:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an Indian Zoroastrian and I wish you best of luck. Someday we may together! someday may the path of light will rule all over the world! Amen!

At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

me zoroastrian from pak and good to hear that there r many zoroastrians still in uzbeks and other parts of asia also
may ahurmazda bless them all and again this great religion will flourish again in these parts as they all belongs to zorastrian roots including iran

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