Thursday, February 09, 2006

Militiamen's brutality leads to clashes in N. Tehran


The brutal manners of militiamen resulted, yesterday night, in some sporadic but violent clashes in the North Tehran Madar (former Mohseni) square Zealous militiamen who were angered, by the lack of attention of tens of young Iranians for the Shia ritual of Moharam, started to harass them, but their brutality sparkled several hours of street fights.

Stones and home made incendiary devices responded, soon, the security agents’ use of clubs.

The street fights in the area continued till early morning of today with many elder residents shouting slogans, from their roofs, in support of the maverick youth who was defying the regime forces.

Several were injured or arrested following the intervention of elite forces of the Moosabn-e-Jafar division of the Islamist Militia.


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