Friday, February 03, 2006

Iranians participate in anti Islamo-Fascism rallies in the US


Dozens of Iranians responded positively to the SMCCDI and "Iran National Secular Party" (INSP) calls by participating, yesterday, in some of the anti Islamo-Fascism rallies organized by the "United American Committee" (UAC).

SMCCDI and INSP's members and supporters participated in the New York, Dallas and Los Angeles' UAC rallies in order to show the deep rejection of Islamism, Jihadism and tyranny which have plunged Iran into a deepening catastrophic situation.

A floral crown was deposed "On behalf of the People of Iran", by SMCCDI and INSP, under the Memorial erected, at Ground Zero in New York, in the memory of thousands of victims of the Tragedy of September 11th. It was formed by several Green, Red and White with Gold contour flowers. These colors represent the Iranian People's only legitimate flag which is composed by a Green, a White and a Red color strips with a Gold color Lion & Sun emblem on the White strip.

The floral crown, which was initially carried by Cyrus Sanati - a SMCCDI and INSP member -, created a deep emotion among many New Yorkers and especially between members of the NYPD present at the event. Two of the city's police force members, who had lost many colleagues on September 11th, raised the floral crown in order to mark the existing solidarity among two nations which have been both victimized by Islamo-Fascists.

In Dallas, tens of members and supporters, including Aryo B. Pirouznia and Ali Salehi, joined several American protesters in order to condemn terrorism and the Human Rights Abuses in Iran. They called for the world's moral support of Iranians who are seeking to free themselves from the yoke of the terrorist and tyrannical Islamic republic regime.

Pirouznia, the SMCCDI Coordinator and INSP's Chairman, called also for a strict control of the financial activities of Islamist centers located in the US and especially in Irving and Richardson. He denounced the existence of the picture of Rooh-Ollah Khomeini -the founder of Islamic republic - in the office of the Irving Mosque's Imam. The latter is suspected to have close contacts with some influential clerics in Iran.

Salehi, the INSP President, asked from the US Administration to keep the pressure on the Islamic regime and its economic allies.

In Los Angeles, several members, such as, Bahram Shaygan and Mona Etemadi carried the "Lion & Sun" flag, which is banned by the Islamic republic regime, and called for a closure of some US based centers and PACs which are trying to legitimize the Islamic republic regime.

Slogans calling for "Human Rights in Iran", "Democracy for Iran" and "Down with Islamic Republic" were shouted by members and many participants.

SMCCDI and INSP co-sponsored the UAC rallies, of February 1st, due to the fact that Iranians have been among the first and oldest victims of Islamist terror and tyranny and that they feel a deep solidarity with the victimized American People and understand their concerns.


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