Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another student activist killed in Iran


October 30, 2005

Another student activist named, "Ali Rasti" was killed, yesterday evening, at the Yoosef-Abad dorm located inTehran. Ali seems to have been pushed from the six floor's balcony by members of the repressive Harrasat (University's Intelligence) or Bassij para-military members appointed as 'student' by the Islamic regime.

Many students who are residing at the dorm have heard Ali's yelling before witnessing his dead body minutes later.

Rasti was known for having become an open critic to the regime and was harassed by the Shahid Beheshti University's management and its disciplinary board. He was threatened to be expel if continuing to criticize the regime and its new President.

Authorities are trying to claim that Rasti has committed 'suicide'.

Such label has been used, in the past, for trying to justify the elimination of several other students. One of them was Akram Hassanzadeh, a SMCCDI member, who was killed by the regime's Intelligence as she was identified and was planning to escape from Iran. Another one, was Amir-Hooman Joorak, son of the famous singer Marjan, who was also involved in opposition to the regime and was going to send an important video tape to the Movement, in order to show the existing link between some Los Angeles commercial satellite TV network with circles acting inDubai and affiliated to the Islamic regime.

Officially, Hassanzadeh made suicide after leaving the dorm's cafeteria following eating breakfast and Joorak hanged himself in his uncle's office.


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