Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Open letter to "American Enterprise Institute" (AEI)

CDITI/SMCCDI (Public Statement)

Oct 17, 2005, 15:36

On June 16, 2005, the American president declared, "America believes in the independence and territorial integrity of Iran." For the last five years the American president has reiterated his support for democracy in the Middle East, specifically citing that he stands with the people of Iran in their quest for freedom.

The American Enterprise Institute has generally been supportive of President Bush's message of democracy and pluralism in Iran. Regretfully, the relatively positive attitude Iranians have towards the policies and ideology of AEI are now are at risk due to a conference that is to take place at AEI named "Unknown Iran."

The conference's aim is to shed light with regards to why federalism should be implemented in Iran; however the panelists of this conference are all well-known separatists. Iran's problem is not the implementation of foreign and potentially damaging ideas such as federalism, rather the lack of territorial management on the part of the Islamic Republic. If there is one thing that all Iranians agree and are united on, regardless of political affiliation, it is the preservation of Iran's territorial campaign was a clear example that when it comes to matters relating to Iran's territorial integrity, Iranians speak with one voice.

We urge you to take greater care with regards to conferences and policies pertaining to Iran. In order to clarify AEI's position that it is not interested in supporting separatism in Iran, we request that only the genuine Iranian flag be displayed at the above mentioned conference, the Lion and the Sun.

Down With Islamic Republic!Long Live Iran!

The "Committee for Defense of Iranian Territorial Integrity" (CDITI)

* SMCCDI is a memeber of the CDITI Coalition

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