Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Let this body – no, let nobody live if there is no Iran.

Marze Por Gohar Party:

October 11, 2005

Recent events coupled with the Islamic Republic’s past actions have further solidified the fact there are no other avenues left for Iranians to free Iran other than a revolution. Iranians have a very small window of opportunity to organize a revolution. If Iranians fail to revolt against the Islamic Republic, powerful nations will follow their own design with regard to overthrowing the Islamic Republic and they will certainly not have the best interest of Iran nor Iranians in mind.

It appears the world has finally come to grips with the fact that attacking Iran militarily to overthrow the Islamic Republic is simply not feasible. As a result some powerful nations have begun supporting regional separatists in occupied Iran as a means by which to weaken the theocracy. With recent developments taking shape in countries such as Iraq, some within the international community now seem to believe that cutting Iran to pieces under the guise of federalism is the correct means by which to depose the Islamic Republic regime.

Comparing Iraq and Iran is akin to comparing oranges and bricks; there are no similarities. Iraq is a state that came about by grabbing regions of its current neighbors as a result of foreign intervention less than a hundred years ago. Iran has a history that spans thousands upon thousands of years. Throughout Iran's glorious history whenever Iran has been attacked, Iranians have rushed to defend their motherland with the most recent instance being the Iran-Iraq war.

This is a very stern warning to those attempting to compromise Iran's territorial integrity: stop your fruitless efforts in fermenting secession sentiments as a means to weaken the Islamic Republic and instead, focus your energy and support towards the real and tangible Iranian democratic movement.

The enemies of Iran should know, so long as there is one Iranian alive with blood pumping through his or her heart, even the thought of taking one grain of Iranian soil, will strongly be opposed and defeated.

Down with the Islamic Republic

Long Live Iran


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