Saturday, September 24, 2005

Islamic Republic linked to 1985 bombing at US air base in Germany: report

Khaleej Times:


24 September 2005

MUNICH - Federal investigators in Germany have unearthed new evidence linking Iran to the 1985 bombing of a US military base that injured 35 persons, according to a report on Saturday.

Iranian secret agents allegedly detonated explosives concealed in a vehicle at the Frankfurt post-exchange food store on November 24, 1985, said the report in Focus news magazine.

Focus said investigators believe the agents were members of a hit squad working on orders from Teheran to eliminate dissidents living in Europe in exile.

The hit squad was also responsible for the deaths of two dissidents, one in Hamburg in 1987 and one in Bonn in 1992, the magazine said, citing sources within the German federal prosecutor’s office.

Investigators were quoted as saying the “credible new evidence” comes from a former Iranian secret service official.


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