Friday, September 23, 2005

Islamic regime acknowledges massive arrests


Sep 22, 2005, 13:47

The Islamic regime is acknowledging thousands of arrests made in the Capital since the beginning of September. Official reports are advancing the number of 12,000 of arrests made under various labels, such as, "trouble makers".

Hundreds of those arrested have been imprisoned and the others are to face trial according to Militia's Commander Zare-i who's the head of Tehran's Police.

These arrests which are made under the label of "fighting social and immoral vices", are in reality taking place in an effort to secure the Capital and to dismantle any possibility of opposition to the regime in the current geopolitical situation.

Hundreds of members of the Special Forces, Bassij para-military and the regular Police have been deployed in main areas of the Greater Tehran in what has been qualified as "Amaliat-e-Zafar" (Operation Victory). Such code name is usually used in war with foreign armies. It's showing the deep appreciation of Iranians by an occupative regime which is rejected by millions of them.

The situation is most provincial cities is not better and most residents are subjected to harsh controls and repressive measures.

Special units have been affected to a more stricter control of schools and universities for the opening of the new Academic year starting Saturday.


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