Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Security inspection leads to clashes in Bookan


Jun 5, 2006

Sporadic clashes resulting in shoot out happened, yesterday, in the northwestern City of Bookan, as an angry crowd attacked Islamist militiamen during a security inspection.

The militiamen were intending to confiscate textile products when they were attacked by the local residents of the Amir-Abad district. Several security agents were injured by pieces of stones and clubs and they had to open their escape way by shooting to the air.

Slogans against the regime and its leadership were shouted by the protesters who damaged the local bank and several public vehicles.

The situation is tense in most northwestern cities following last month's clashes, following the publication of a cartoon judged, by some analysts, as an insult to the Azari ethnicity. Many residents, like most Iranians, seized the occasion in order to show their rejection of the Islamic regime but the move reduced of intensity as some sources tried to portray it as a long run separatist movement.

The cartoon was in reality a hidden critic made of the Islamist clergy, but the Islamic regime's intelligence circles pushed the promotion of the theory of ethnical insult, in order to increase the fear of a civil war and split of the province from Iran.

The arrested cartoonist named 'Neyestani', who has been used as a scapegoat, is in reality an Iranian-Azari, just as like as, most of the Islamic regime's leadership, including Khamenei, who are native of the Iranian Azarbaijan province and Turkish speaking.

The Islamic regime's disinformation game was at the same time an occasion for some discredited separatist groups, such as the so-called "Diplomatic Mission of S. Azarbaijan" which are lacking of any real popular support inside, to try to make a name outside Iran; and an occasion for some opportunist oppositionist, such as "Mandana Zand-Karimi-Ervin" who are located abroad, to make 'comments' during controversial meetings or on satellite TV and radio networks. It's believed that some American think thanks, in a desperate need of a kind of Iran solution, are also fueling this wrong campaign which is undermining more the Bush Administration's popularity among Iranians.

President Bush had stated, last July, on the "need of respecting the territorial integrity of Iran". The statement had boosted, at that time, his popularity among Iranians and had lead to massive demos, against the Islamic regime in most Iranian border provinces. But a controversial meeting, held later at the WDC based AEI on last October, fueled the Islamic regime's propaganda machine and inadvertently contributed to damage the US Administration's increasing popularity among most Iranians.

The October 2005 meeting, had gathered a panel composed by some notorious fascist and blood thirsty elements, such as Rahim Shahabzi, and the very same opportunist Zand-Karimi Ervin. But the find out of some of Shabazi's racist and fascist comments, on the Google website, was a major blow to the meeting and created a massive protest reaction, by many Iranian-Azaris and Iranians of other ethnicities, against the wrong move.

The long run result of the reaction was to the point that none of the US legislators was present during another such controversial meeting, held last week, in a room at the Russell Senate Building. The meeting had gathered the very same opportunists but had no real coverage except by one agency and following the posting, a week later of Roya Toloo-i's so-called speech, on a controversial 'oppositionist' website named Iran Press News.

In reality, it has been reported that Toloo-i refused to deliver her speech, at the meeting, after understanding the real goals of the other speakers who were the affiliates of the same discredited separatist groups.

It's believed that the room, without any present US legislator, was obtained by an American Think Thank who has somehow access to the Senate and who's also somehow 'helping' the Iran Press News website in which Zand-Karimi Ervin's daughter is heavily involved.


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