Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"War drums"? "Nuclear option"? Who is responsible?

Are we hearing the beat of war drums? If so, it is the dictatorial mullahs who are responsible!

Is the nuclear option on the table? If so, it is the fascist ayatollahs who are putting the nuclear option on the table!

Are the Iranian people denied freedom and democracy? If so, it is the Islamic fundamentalists who endanger the Iranian people!Will a country be threatened with "death" (Denmark) or "being wiped off the map" (Israel)? If so, it is the Iranian dictatorship who is the initiator.

As I said in my February 18, 2006 Seattle speech:

"There is a lot of talk about the 'military option' being 'on the table.' But who put the military option on the table? Who put the nuclear option on the table? Who put the 'destroy Israel' option on the table? The mullahs are on a war drive, they have put the military option on the table, they have put the hatred option on the table, they have put the 'destroy Israel' option on the table. The world community must unite and say 'No! Enough! Stop the Ayatollahs' War Drive!' The blame does not belong to Condoleeza Rice or Dick Cheney or President Bush. The finger must point at those responsible for putting the 'options' on the table. The Iranian mullahs must be forced to take the nuclear option off the table!"

Steve Beren


At 12:11 PM, Blogger Steve Beren said...

Iran moves towards war, but McDermott blames America

Steve Beren, October 3, 2007

Iran is on a war drive. The brutal Iranian dictatorship is the world’s top state sponsor of terrorism, backing Hezbollah, Hamas, and other terrorist groups. Iran thumbs its nose at the world and proceeds with its nuclear weapons program. The Islamic extremist mullahs brutally oppress women, students, and minorities; they seek to stifle dissent, crush opposition, and prevent democracy for the Iranian people. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatens to wipe Israel off the map, and the Iranian government interferes in Iraq, aiding Islamic extremists who aim to kill our troops.

Jim McDermott, the far left Democrat congressman from Seattle, has earned the reputation of advocating soft treatment of dictators such as Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro. McDermott took the floor in the House yesterday (October 2) to speak on Iran. Not surprisingly, McDermott turned reality on its head – when he looks at the war-like policies of Iran, (as always) he blames America!

“Out of a sense of duty and a growing fear I stand to say that I hear the drumbeats of war,” McDermott told the House. “This time,” he said, “Iran is in their crosshairs,” referring to the Bush Administration. Calling upon Congress “to act before the President orders a military strike,” McDermott warns that if we end up in a war with Iran “we will have no one to blame except ourselves.” The far left Congressman says the U.S. government is “again using friendly fire through right-wing media … while they lay the groundwork and shop for a provocation to launch a military strike.” Source for McDermott quotes:

Only someone like Jim McDermott would see the pro-terrorist Iranian regime as the victim of America. I’m sick and tired of McDermott, whose shares the “blame America” approach of the far left, such as

McDermott, friendly to Fidel Castro and friendly to Saddam Hussein, is consistent and true to form. But he is a disgrace to this region and to the city of Seattle.

As I stated during my 2006 campaign against McDermott:

“There is much talk about whether ‘we’ are right to put the ‘military option’ on the table, but the truth is the responsibility lies with the Iranian mullahs. It is they who have introduced the ‘destroy Israel’ and the ‘uranium enrichment’ options. Only the mullahs can take those options away, but at this point they seem hellbent on their drive to war and destruction. Unacceptable? Precisely!” (Weekly Standard, 5/8/06)

I support our troops, and I’m for victory in the war against terrorism. That includes blocking the militaristic aims of the Islamic dictatorship, preventing the ayatollahs from obtaining nuclear weapons, aiding pro-democratic forces in Iran, and preparing for a possible defensive military response to Iran’s interference in Iraq.

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