Saturday, April 22, 2006



Dear Clare Short MP,

We would like to commend you for standing up in support of your Iranian constituent, Omid Farivar and his family, to be saved from deportation to Iran.

The plight of the Farivar family, and in particular that of their young daughter is very harrowing indeed. Your support for the Farivar family however; also highlights the inhumane state law of the Islamic Republic of Iran, where girls are allowed to be married at the young age of 9.

This inhumane law has nothing to do with the Iranian culture, it is a state law drafted by the ruling theocracy in Iran after 1979.

The previous parliament in Iran, which many Islamic Republic apologists in the West, had pinned their hopes on, passed a bill to increase the legal age of marriage for girls from 9 to 12, but this was vetoed by the unelected Guardian Council, demonstrating clearly the futility of the Islamic Republic sham “democracy”.

We the undersigned, support your courageous stand in the UK parliament for the Farivar family and hope you will extend this to condemn under-age marriage laws in the Islamic Republic of Iran. We ask the world's conscience to condemn the Islamic Republic for state laws which abuse Iran's children.

Make Under-Age Marriage Laws History.

Sincerely, The Undersigned

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