Sunday, April 02, 2006

Iranians inflict another slap to the face of the regime


April 1st (12 Farvardin) marks the beginning of the Theocratic system in Iran.

Millions of Iranians stayed home or used their vacation day in order to stay afar from official gatherings despite the Islamic republic regime's intensive propaganda and calls for massive participation. Iranians intended, once again, to show their rejection of the Islamic republic and its ideology.

In a two-day sham referendum staged, in 1979 and after the take over of the country by Islamists, Iranians had to accept the establishment of the clerical regime in their country. The founder of the Mullhacracy, Rooh-Ollah- Khomeini, had stated: "Only one world, the Islamic republic and that's it!"

Thousands were forced to put a Green Color ticket, meaning "yes", in the ballot boxes placed under surveillance of armed militiamen. Those trying to put the Red color ticket, meaning "no", were beaten up or arrested. Others, ignoring the dark outcome, were influenced by naive or self centered politians of that time, such as, Karim Sanjabi and Mehdi Bazargan; who had already betrayed the late Dr. Shahpoor Bakhtiar, their maverick comrade, by endorsing Rooh Ollah Khomeini's revolution.

Since then, Iran has plunged into backwardism and political, economical and social chaos. Thousands have been executed, millions have fled the country and several thousands died in war with Iraq due to the ill-policies of the new regime which qualified it as a "divine benediction".

Many of those, such as, Mohsen Sazgara, Shirin Ebadi or Mehranguiz Kar, who are actually promoted by some American and European circles, are well known for having helped the formation of such a disaster in Iran. Worst, they're known for having tried to save such a system till just few years ago and at least till the popular boycotts of regime's last three sham elections.

Tomorrow, on the 13th of Farvardin, Iranians will use the traditional Sizdeh-Bedar in order to gather in green spaces and to renew with another of their ancient cultural heritage which has been qualified as pagan by the dogmatic Islamist clerics. Many Iranians will use the event in order to show their rejection of Islamism and some will use it in order to demonstrate against the Islamic regime.


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