Sunday, April 16, 2006

Iran to crack down on skimpy dressers

Iran Mania:

LONDON, April 14 (IranMania) - Iranian police are poised to launch a fresh pre-summer crackdown on women disrespecting the Islamic dress code, AFP reported.

"Unfortunately we see some immodestly and inappropriately dressed women who violate the rights of others," the hardline Jomhuri Islami newspaper quoted Tehran's police chief as saying.

"There will be firm confrontation with these people who disrespect religious sanctities and social values," Commander Morteza Talai said, adding the clampdown will start on April 21.

Every post-pubescent female in Iran, regardless of her nationality or religion, is obliged to observe the Islamic dress code and cover her shape and hair whenever outside the home.

Police crackdowns on skimpy dressers are common every summer, when many women defy the rules by wearing three-quarter length trousers, sandals showing off painted toenails, lighter coats revealing their curves and headscarves that barely cover their hair.

Offenders usually face fines, brief custody and lessons in Islamic morality.


At 9:50 AM, Blogger caliibre said...

Those that insist on enforcing women’s dress codes which, in the most conservative examples, force women to go about in what could be viewed as ‘sacks’ with eye holes cut in them are not, in my view, protecting the honour of women. Rather they are dishonouring themselves by demonstrating that they don’t have the strength of character, sincerity of spirit or personal will to control their own basest instincts. The emotional (EQ) and spiritual (SQ) quotients of intelligence seem to be lacking in many. IQ is a ‘fluke’ and is not enough, the other two quotients are essential in large amounts to overcome personal stupidity or is it that they suffer from plain old ‘dumbness’ borne of a cultural indoctrination that looks to the past and pleads for the return of the ‘dark ages’!


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