Monday, March 13, 2006

NITV airs footages of women’s demo in Tehran


The NITV satellite channel broadcasted, on Friday morning, footages of a demonstration, held in Tehran, by hundreds of women who were celebrating the "International Women's Day", and a brutal raid by Islamic regime's security agents to break up the rally. The broadcast of the footages, by the popular NITV, has shocked many non-political Iranians who have been astonished by the degree of the brutality used, by Islamists, against helpless women.

The gathering took place, on Wednesday March 8th, at the Tehran's Laleh Park where tens of women, including Simin Behbahani - a famous female poet - were beaten by security agents.Dozens of female protesters and their male supporters were arrested, as, they resisted attempts by the Islamist Militiamen to disperse the demonstrators. Many of them have been reported as being transferred to the infamous Evin Political Jail located in North Tehran.

NITV's satellite programs were interrupted few hours later and following financial problems that have created great concerns among many Iranians. Most of them are relying on this trusted network for a better understanding of the situation and the coordination of the civil actions and protest actions against the Islamic republic regime, such as, at the occasion of the banned "Tchahar-Shanbe Soori (Fire Fiest) on March 14th.

The network's management hopes to resume its satellite programming, from Monday, in case of collecting necessary financial support from individual donors. NITV continues to broadcast, live, on the Internet ( ), but only 10% of Iranians, living inside, have access to the Internet. Many sites are blocked or controlled by the regime's Intelligence.

The footages of the March 8th event were provided, to the network and other abroad based Iranian TV networks and opposition websites, by amateurs located inside and who used the service on the Internet. The footages can be seen by downloading them from the following links:


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