Saturday, November 12, 2005

New World Order through terrorism and intimidation

Marze Por Gohar:

Islamic republic terrorist regime of Iran has no choice but to reveal it's true nature after being faced with the final days of decision making by civilized world about it's nuclear ambitions! They have succeeded to manipulate the weaknesses of democratic world to their advantage for a period of time but the time for a true resolution to this issue has eventually arrived! Last month, nuclear nations decided to warn islamic terrorist regime of Iran regarding it's nuclear policies and the words for possible referral to UN security council were given! India in a surprising move, supported a moderately worded resolution for referral to UNSC in this regard and as a result faced with a lot of angry reactions by mullahs and other elements in islamic terrorist regime of Iran! Indians were threatened with variety of retaliatory actions by islamic regime from which most were related to the recent gas deal in which Indians were to have a great share of profit!

This situation caused a lot of debates in internal politics of India and Indian opposition blamed the government for the possible nullification of gas deal while suggesting full support for nuclear activities of islamic regime! To make it even better for opposition, a series of explosions by islamic fundamentalists shook different parts of India and killed many to remind Indians and their government of brutality of islamists, one more time! Islamic brothers of islamic terrorist regime acted right on time for them, after many months of peace and quiet!

Not much later, the threat of occupying embassies of all western nations came out of highest ranking of islamic regime and to show that they are serious, a few demonstration and a very clear message about annihilation of israel followed! high ranking mullahs of the islamic regime who, as always, were measuring the heart beat of free world, were forced to play "taghiyeh" (meaning: lie for a good purpose!) and tried to change the words which had already flown out of their president's mouth! It was too late and nothing could stop the angry reaction of free world to the madness displayed by islamic regime's highest authorities! The sense of dislike was expressed by all Europeans whom their increasing economic ties with islamic regime have made the situation very hard for them to deal with!

Exchange of harsh words between Italian government officials and islamic republic's authorities made it clear that a new era in relations between islamic regime and western world was about to begin! participation of Italian government high ranking officials in a demonstration against remarks made by islamic republic's president, Ahmadinejad, brought about retaliatory demonstrations by paid mobs of islamic regime's supporters in Tehran against Italians! The eyes of western world are now slowly opening to the reality of what should they expect from a government which has treated it's own citizens in worst possible way and lied to the world about it's nuclear activities and it's support for international terrorism for many years!

Breaking out of a wave of riots in France has just happened to coincide with the days when islamic republic is in extreme need of support from Europe to push it's atomic agenda through and avoid referral to UNSC that may make things a bit harder for them! And it just happened that muslem population in France have the most active parts in those riots which came at the right time to show the destructive power of islam to European infidels if they try to confront islamists for any reason!

Islamic regime of Iran which has used method of harassment and intimidation inside the country through it's paid mobs and has enjoyed the successful results of that, with supportive silence of civilized world, for more than two decades, is now testing the possibilities of using same methods to achieve greater goals! Side by side with harassments and intimidations, come double talk of islamic regime's authorities to confuse everyone about their true intentions! This is the same style which has been used from the beginning of Islam in order to break the enemies and in this case, enemy is the civilized world as we know it!

Westerners who believed in their ability to contain islamist extremism wanted to keep it in a controlled manner and in certain part of the world, just in case if they face another phase of communism! They were waken up by the events of 9/11/2001! as a result, extremism of Talebaan was replaced by a moderate islamic system while secular dictatorship of Saddam was removed to pave way for a more islamic system, so the people's attachment to their islamic identity does not go away! No doubt that spread of millions of Qurans in southern states of former soviet union, a few decades ago and during cold war era, along with coming of islamic republics in Pakistan and Iran, has paid off very well and a few thousands of dead people in US of A would have no negative effect in the result! A new world order has started but, apparently something has gone out of control and a new reality in this new world order has disrupted the relative peace and calm which the world was enjoying after WW II!

Islamic terrorist regime's most recent request for reopening negotiation on nuclear issues with Europe has been dismissed bluntly by European governments, while rhetoric from islamic regime's authorities continues to fly! Mullahs who are the masters of double talking and sending mixed signals, continue to do so by one day declaring their military nuclear sites open for inspection and the other day saying that they are not afraid of being referred to UNSC! At the same time, they continue to make vague threats against this or that nation who does not side with them while openly talking about wiping Israel of the world map! The old style of "carrot & stick" in the old world order is now replaced with "either Islamic way or else..." by islamic regime of Iran! some of western nations and their eastern friends have already had a taste of "else" and, it seems not far from reality to think that, others will follow soon! After all denials of islamic regime about their involvement with different terrorist activities around the world, the evidences to show otherwise have been coming out constantly! Presence of high ranking al-qaeda members in Iran has been in the open for a long time and recent discoveries of British and Iraqi government about islamic regime's role in Iraq's disturbance leaves no doubt about intentions of islamic government of Iran to spread chaos and violence anywhere they can!

New world order has turned into an era in which islamic fundamentalism, with the financial backing of islamic regime of Iran, has assumed the role of international bully to dictate policies to the nations of the world, through harassment and intimidation! Terrorism has become a trade mark of islamist extremists in order to serve their agenda! World can not ignore this fact any more that, Islamic regime of Iran has become a great burden for the peace and stability of the entire planet! Failing to deal with Islamic regime in order to bring democracy and stability to Iran soon enough, will have incredible damaging results to humanity from which, recovery will be very difficult if not impossible

Sohrab Ferdows


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