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Protest Outside Iranian Embassy In London Over Gay Torture

Gay Patriot:

Posted by GayPatriot at 3:00 pm - October 4, 2005.

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My comrades against terror in the United Kingdom held a rally outside the Iranian Embassy in London a few hours ago. I have some of the first photos of the demonstration and will post them in a few minutes.

Here is the press release from OutRage!

Celebs join protest against Iran executions and torture

Scott Capurro, Jeremy Sheffield, Q Boy and Josh Rafter picket IranianEmbassy Boy George, Matt Lucas, Simon Callow condemn Iranian murderers

Petition rejected by Iran Embassy – Now to be delivered to ForeignSecretary London – 4 October 2005

TV soap and film actor Jeremy Sheffield, gay rap star Q Boy, comedian Scott Cappurro, Big Brother contestant Josh Rafter, out gay Labour MP Chris Bryant and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell today joined a 50-strong protest outside the Iranian Embassy in London.

The protest was also backed by Little Britain TV star Matt Lucas, Hollywood actor Simon Callow and pop singer and DJ Boy George.

The protest was part of an on-going series of global demonstrations against the Iranian government’s arrest, imprisonment, whipping and execution of gay men. It was organised by the gay magazine Axm, and by the queer rights group OutRage!. OutRage! expresses its appreciation to Axm for its splendid work in making this protest possible.

“We are here to condemn Iran’s execution and torture of gay men, and to demand international action against the tyrannical Iranian regime” said protest co-organiser Peter Tatchell of the LGBT human rights group OutRage!.

“The international community should issue an ultimatum to Iran: either respect human rights, or face economic sanctions. There can be no normal relations with an abnormal regime that executes gay people,unchaste women, Muslims who renounce their faith, and political, religious and ethnic minorities.”

Ahhh, if only American gay “rights” organizations made similar, strong and consistent statements about the War on Terror….


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