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Iranian-Azaris slam the AEI 'Conference' on Iran


October 26, 2005

Several prominent scholars and distinguished members of theIranian-Azari ethnicity are slamming the purpose of the AEI meeting on Iran and are expressing outrage on the appointment of the so-called "Iranian-Azari" speaker . The written expression of outrage follows the revelation made on the true nature of Rahim Shahbazi, declared by AEI, as 'representative' of the Iranian-Azaris from one part, and from the other part of the deep believe that the organizers of the controversial conference are intending to open the way for a gradual disintegration of Iran.

Indeed Shahabazi is known for some unprecedented fascist, racist and genocidal comments which are not very far from the views of murderers who are facing the International Tribunal in the sad events which took place in the former Yugoslavia or Rwanda.

New findings are proving Shabazi's hate of many races living in the region, such as, Persian or Armenian. In additional comments, found via 's search engine, Shahabzi is clearly expressing his feeling by stating: " You should wish one day I call myself Iranian, I prefer to die rather than for one moment to call myself an Iranian. However, I have couple of dogs, I registered their name one Fars (meaning Persian) and the other one Armeni, in fact they match to each other and the names are suitable. In fact couple of months ago some family asked me if they can use also the same name of my dogs to their dogs. I said sure help yourself. I tell you soon like the Persian cat you nationality will become real famous, Persian dog or Armeni dog. They asked if there is any relation between my dogs' name and the actuall Persians and Armenian. I said just don't worry about it they both are the same shit, one is dry and the other one is wet. They said thanks for info., F.. k both of them, Armenians and Persians. So remember how we feel in North Carolina or basically in Souther states about you two loser nationality, both of you Armenians and Persian considered the biggest loser of the century. I congratulate youPersians and Armenians in this great accomplishment.(Source)

This expression of hate, made in 2000, backs the negative believe that many Iranians have of Shahbazi, following the finding of some of other comments made in 1999: "In hisc omments, Shahbazi's writing: "Aryan ponk (meaning Iranian), remember my name, also remember that I am fromTabriz, South Azerbaijan (meaning the Iranian province). I hope one day I will see bastard in some place, I will make you eat you own Aryan s..t you S. O. B." ... "We are a bleand we will kick you Persian A.. wipes and throug you s..t head, out of our country South Azerbaijan" ... "Hope to see you in front of Sniper you basterd, we South Azerbaijanis will teach you a listen that you never and ever forget"


It's to note that most parts of Shahabzi's kind of political manifesto have not been reported or have been censored in this SMCCDI Information Report due to extreme use of hate language or vulgarity. Responding to a written protest which was formulated byAryo B. Pirouznia, the SMCCDI's Coordinator, Mr. Ledeen has responded: " Some of the speakers MAY have had separatist ideas but this is no more the case".

In reaction to the AEI illegitimate conference, the genuine Iranian-Azari ethnic members or leaders are stating:

" Mr.Ledeen,

Based on the announcement you have published it seems that you aim to hold a conference on Wednesday, October 26th atthe AEI. According to your announcement this conference is being held in order to examine and study the rights ofAzarbaijani, Kurdestani, Baluchestani and Khouzestani -which you erroneously refer to as ? al-Ahwaz? - as minorities.

We the undersigned, who are from the Azarbaijani community residing in United States, deem it necessary to inform you of the following facts:

1. We Azerbaijanis (Azaris?) do not consider ourselves an ethnic minority: rather, Azarbaijan is a part of the Iranian nation, therefore, using the phrase "ethnic minority" is inappropriate and misguided. The same phrase is used in the same context by a few foreign hirelings towards their paymasters' separatist designs on Azarbaijanand ultimately on Iran.

2. You are somewhat familiar with the Iranian exile community in the United States and are aware that the majority of this population is well educated and broad-minded, therefore:

A. When the day comes that the Iranian people take controlof their own destiny and enjoy a nationalistic government based on democracy and sustaining personal, social and human rights, then the people of Iran through majority rule will decide whatever is necessary and in their best interest: so, at this point in time there is no need for a guardian.

B. The individuals who are being introduced as representatives of ethnic minorities are in no way recognized as such within the Iranian community.

Considering that your words and writings in the past have been in the defense and supportive of Iranian nation's rights, for that we are most grateful to you. However, with regard to the issues listed above which have caused discord and animosity amongst the Iranian nation and will inactuality only benefit and gratify the separatists, we strongly condemn holding this conference and call upon you to cancel this conference. Thank you .."

Some of this letter's endorsers are: VictorinaMirza-Moghaddam , Dr. Khalil Andache , Nader Paimai ,Mehrdad Soleimanloo , Hooman Parvizi , Dariush Ansari , Dr.Cyrus Hebbi and Hossein Hateffi.

It's to note that leaders and members of Iran's other ethnicities or believes, such as, Balootch or Jewish have also echoed the protest campaign, against AEI, and have slammed the conference. Tens of public protest letters or communiquιs have been issued in that sense and the subjectis condemned by hundreds of callers who are participating in abroad based Iranian radio or satellite TV networks.

AEI seems to have misused the name of the Iranian regional movement named "United Front Of Baloochistan" (UFB) and had named "Hossein Bor" as an appointed Iranian-Balootchs peaker of the Conference. But Bor would officially desist from attending by invoking "health reasons" following an official communiquι issued by the UFB which slammed the meeting's purpose and the use of the group's name as a propaganda tool.

Even some leftist groups, such as, the "Workers Communist Party of Iran" which are well known for promotion of minorities' rights have slammed the meeting by qualifying it as a plot in order to sparkle massive genocide in the region.

Hundreds of other have endorsed a petition online that canbe visited at:

Note: SMCCDI's website is down and its mailing system can be stopped also, at any minute, but you can check updated news in reference to this campaign, by visiting:


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