Monday, October 24, 2005

Help Save Secularists and Put an End to Fatwas

Petition Online:

To: Prime Minister Tony Blair

Tunisian writer and free thinker Lafif Lakhdar has his life endangered by a death fatwa issued by the Islamist website "" , run by a London-based fundamentalist cleric, known by the name of "Rached Ghannouchi".

Lakhdar, an outspoken Secularist and anti-Islamist, has been falsely accused with authoring a book critical of Islam's prophet Mohammed.

He has, at several occasions, stated that he did not write that book. And yet, the fatwa remains in place and he is forced to live accompained by bodyguards.

What has drawn the Islamist's ire is simply the fact that Lakhdar has been and is, since fifty years, an advocate for the secularization and modernization of the Islamic world,demands an end to discrimination against women and non-Muslims and to the death fatwas issued by fanatical Muslims.

He needs everyone's support in order to publicly expose the cleric and bring him to justice in the United Kingdom.

Your all support could make the difference!

Long Live Democracy and Secularism! Down with obscurantism!


The Undersigned


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