Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Iran’s Hezbollah to use satellite to spread Islamist message

Iran Focus:

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 26 – Iran’s Hezbollah announced on Sunday that it planned to set up a satellite TV channel to spread the group’s ultra-Islamist message, the country’s state-run media reported on Monday.

“At present, the website Hezbollah is the only active link connecting our organisation with Muslims. But we are seeking to set up a Hezbollah satellite channel”, the group’s Secretary General, Seyyed Mohammad-Baqer Kharrazi, said.

Kharrazi announced that as part of a re-shuffle in the group, Mojtaba Bigdeli was to act as his spokesman while Seyyed Mohammad Qaem-Maqami was to be the organisation’s spokesman.


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