Thursday, September 15, 2005

"Iran UN Protest 2005" to call on World's leaders for Iran's Freedom


Sep 14, 2005, 00:01

"Iran UN Protest 2005" (IUNP2005) Coalition is to call, in few hours, on World's leaders to back the Iranian Nation in its legitimate aspiration for ending the tyrannical and terrorist rule of the Islamic republic regime and to elect a secular political frame in a "direct" UN and US monitored referendum.

The gathering is to take place from 09:00 AM till 05:00 PM at the New York's "Dag Hammarskjold Plaza" which is located by the UN at the junction of 1st Ave and 47th East. Members of the IUNP2005 are to speak from 09:30 AM till 11:00 AM time of reading the final resolution.

The rest of the program will be focused on displaying the Islamic regime's crimes and to show to the world the evil nature it. Later in the day, a floral crown will be deposed by the SMCCDI's Coordinator, Aryo B. Pirouznia, at the "World Trade Center Memorial" in order to cherish the memories of those killed by the Islamo-Fascists on September 11, 2001.

The IUNP2005 Coalition is formed by the National-Secular Party, Iran Society, Marzeporgohar Party, Alliance of Iranians (TX), National Iranian Congress, Social-Democrats, Iranian Council, Free-Thinkers, Pan-Iranist, Iran of Tomorrow and the SMCCDI as the main organizer of the gathering at the UN.

The regime's secularist opponents are intending to denounce, in a common voice, the presence of Mahmood Ahmadinejad as the self proclaimed 'symbol of Iranian Nation' and the persistent human rights' abuses by his illegitimate and unpopular regime which is usurping the Iranian People's Chair at the UN.

Ahamdinejad was also part of the Islamic commando group which stormed the US Embassy in Tehran and took 52 American diplomats as hostage for 444 days.

Several dozens of Iranian supporters are expected to join the IUNP2005 event due to an active media campaign made, in the last three weeks, on the popular Persian speaking NITV and KRSI. Tens of American supporters are also expected to join as several advertisements were published about the event in the Tuesday's issues of local newspapers, such as, the New York Post and the New York Sun.

The ads have generated a flow of call from sympathizers who are expressing support for Iranians who are looking to free themselves and to dry out the source of state sponsored Islamist terrorism.


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