Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Hilton, Shame on You! Banquet of Terror Must End!"


Sep 18, 2005, 00:02

Several Iranian political activists gathered, yesterday evening, in front of the New York's "Hilton Hotel" in order to protest against the presence of Islamic regime's officials and a banquet organized for its terrorist president.

This rally which marks the end of "Iran UN Protest 2005" (IUNP2005) Coalition's "New York Program" was held at the junction of 6th Avenue and 54th street.

It started by 06:15 PM despite rain and heavy winds by displaying two long banners which were denouncing the Islamic regime's crimes and sponsorship of terrorism.

Slogans, such as, "Hilton, Shame on You", "Banquet of Terror Must End", "Banquet of Blood Must be Closed", "Down with Terrorist", "Down with Islamic Republic", "He He Ho, Islamic Republic Must Go", "Down with Ahmadinejad" and “Human Rights for Iran” were shouted for several hours in front of the hotel.

Informative discussions were made between tens of concerned Americans and members of the IUNP2005 Coalition Group, such as, the SMCCDI's Coordinator.

Flyers denouncing Islamic regime's persistent human rights' abuses in Iran and its involvement in terrorist activities were distributed to tens of Americans and foreign tourists who often echoed the slogans or took pictures with the Freedom fighters.

Protesters of IUNP2005 intended to alarm the world's opinion and especially the New Yorkers about the kind of support of terrorists by some US corporations, such as Hilton Hotels, and the persistent human rights abuses in Iran. Hilton's management had ignored hundreds of requests made by Iranian-Americans or concerned Americans in order to cancel the event and to avoid selling its service to a regime which has the blood of many Iranians and Americans on its hands.

Several Islamic regime’s Intelligence officers were seen filming the protesters but were filmed themselves by members of the IUNP2005. The New York Police Department (NYPD) had mobilized several officers and security patrol cars in order to avoid any harm made to freedom fighters by the regime’s agents and some of the two hundreds guests, mainly composed by foreigner Islamists, such as, Pakistanis, Afghanis or Arabs.

The other IUNP2005's New York Program's actions were a massive gathering in front of the UN and protests in front of the Islamic regime's UN Ambassador's residence and the Islamic regime's office of representation at the UN. These actions, coordinated and by SMCCDI, have helped to tarnish the regime's propaganda and have contributed to shed the light of hope in many Iranians' mind.

The IUNP2005 Coalition was formed by several secularist groups, which had set aside their personal preferences, such as, promoting a specific leader. They intended to set aside any sign of differentiation and to make a maximum use of the occasion offered by the presence of Ahmadinejad, for echoing Iranians' legitimate aspiration for freedom and ending the theocratic rule in their country.

Such common decision resulted in the yesterday's unprecedented fact that some MKO members, Monarchists and Republicans were seen holding the very same two available long banners and were showing a fantastic show of unity in front of the Hilton Hotel.


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